[U-Boot-Users] autostart

Der Herr Hofrat der.herr at hofr.at
Sat Mar 12 12:23:59 CET 2005

> In message <200503121044.j2CAiwQ28057 at hofr.at> you wrote:
> > 
> >  So how can I get u-boot to just do the decompression but not pass control to 
> >  the kernel ?
> For compressed images of type "standalone" you  can  use  the  method
> described in the FAQ:
> http://www.denx.de/twiki/bin/view/DULG/HowCanILoadAndUncompressACompressedImage

I did read that but did not catch the exclusion of the Linux kernel - thanks.

> For Linux kernel images this will not work: the Linux kernel  expects
> to  be laoded at address 0x0000; when you load it, you will overwrite
> U-Boot's exception vectors - the next timer interrupt would crash the
> system. This is why there is a point of  no  return  when  loading  a
> Linux kernel image -- U-Boot will then disable all interrupts, and in
> case of errors the only way out is to reset the board.

well it does not crash - the kernel actually boots - but I can no longer talk
to the peripherals on the opb.

> Can't you use a real debugger like the BDI2000?

If it were for me to descide yes, do you know if the Xilinx Virtex II Pro is
properly supported (assuming a 405 soft core)?


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