[U-Boot-Users] USB TTY on at91rm9200

Aras Vaichas arasv at magellan-technology.com
Mon Mar 14 07:43:29 CET 2005


I was wondering if anyone has implemented u-boot's USBTTY functionality on the 
at91rm9200's USB device port? i.e. connect an at91rm9200 based board to a host 
PC and have it appear as a serial device.

I was looking to start by using Atmel's "USB device as CDC" example 
application. This application enumerates the USB device port as a MODEM and 
allows you to use it as a serial terminal.

I was wondering how hard it would be to fit this into u-boot but I thought that 
I'd better check first if anyone had any thoughts or made any progress on this.

Wolfgang, can you give me any tips on where to start?


Aras Vaichas

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