[U-Boot-Users] porting Uboot to a new hardware(Bsp-15)

徐立 xuliisme at pub.ss.pku.edu.cn
Wed Mar 16 10:37:42 CET 2005

Deal all :
	I am trying to port new hardware. (Starfish board . CPU Bsp-15).
which  is a totally different structure. I checked the mailing list. 
I fount that most of the topic are about ARM or PPC. So if I want to port Uboot to the Starfish board,
what should I do ? Could someone give me some suggestions ?  Do I have to lean the instruction set of the Bsp-15?
or something else  ?  I really want to boot the board and run Linux on it .But I know nothing about those things.
So I want to learn anything if necessary .pls help me .
below is some introduction about Bsp-15 and StarFish board .


	thank you !
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