[U-Boot-Users] uboot and Pci in Pq2fads-ZU

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Wed Mar 16 19:19:03 CET 2005

>>>>> Bharath G writes:

    Bharath> Hi Marco/Rune, Thank you very much for the inputs. I tried
    Bharath> undef'ing the Local bus , still dosent seem to work,

Local bus initialisation is under #ifdef CFG_LSDRAM_BASE so if this is
not defined, the local bus initialisation code won't even be compiled in.

    Bharath> infact that was the first thing i did. I have been
    Bharath> successful in bringing up u-boot on my target board which
    Bharath> also has a PCI Interface on the local bus (it dosent have a
    Bharath> LSDRAM there).  Am i missing something here ? Any BCSR's or
    Bharath> PCI registers to be configured for PQ2?

You have to select PCI or Local bus using jumper JP9. The jumper's
setting is reflected in BCSR3 and used by the code to set some
registers. If JP9 selects Local bus but you try to initialise PCI it
should fail.

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