[U-Boot-Users] RE: Rattler Board Flash access Problem

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Mar 16 15:26:05 CET 2005

In message <000301c52a30$61255300$1269cb0a at bgcw301> you wrote:
> We are using BDI2000 to program the Rattler board. Our configuration
> file for BDI2000 (which we had written) seems ok as we were able to
> access the board using INFO, RES and also was able to dump the memory
> starting from the PC (program counter). But when I tried to erase the
> Flash, it erased for the first time. But subsequent erase is not
> happening, it says

You probably erased the HRCW, and then power cycled the system.

> After this error I am unable to do anything with the board. Can anyone
> give me some pointers for analyzing this problem? BDI2000 didn't have

Check your hardware documentation how to enable the default processor
configuration to allow it to come up without a valid HRWC  in  flash.
There is probably some RSTCNF jumper or similar...

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