[U-Boot-Users] RE: Rattler Board Flash access Problem

Srivatsan srivatsan at deccanetworld.com
Wed Mar 16 14:59:32 CET 2005

Dear all,

      We are trying to port u-boot onto Rattler board(MPC8280). We had
done the relevant porting and but are unable to test the same due to the
problem mentioned below:

We are using BDI2000 to program the Rattler board. Our configuration
file for BDI2000 (which we had written) seems ok as we were able to
access the board using INFO, RES and also was able to dump the memory
starting from the PC (program counter). But when I tried to erase the
Flash, it erased for the first time. But subsequent erase is not
happening, it says

                        COP status is 0xAD
                        #PPC:unexpected response from target
                        Check running state failed
                        Target PVR is 0x0000 0000
                        Resetting target failed  

After this error I am unable to do anything with the board. Can anyone
give me some pointers for analyzing this problem? BDI2000 didn't have
support for AM29LV641D Flash chips so I had selected AM29F type chips.
Please do excuse me if this is off the topic but I thought some people
might have faced similar problems. Hence I had mailed to this group.
Please do help me out with this problem?

I can share the BDI2000 configuration file which we had modified.


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