[U-Boot-Users] m5282evb

richard at uclinux.net richard at uclinux.net
Wed Mar 16 22:46:09 CET 2005

> Oh god, now I am really feeling in trouble ! :D
> Thanks for give this light, otherwise I would get crazy with u-boot!
> I will be very excited if you send me your work. I am very upset because =
> I am tried so much with no success to boot uclinux with him! If your =
> work can help me even it crashes sometimes I will be very pleased. About =
> playing nice with GPL don=B4t be afraid I am a student of engeniering =
> from Brazil and my focus is on academic works and if I can fix anything =
> I report you and send what I did.=20
> If you have anything for M5282EVB (any bootloader, images, anything!) =
> and if you can send me it will be very usefull.=20
> Thanks for your help and time spended with me ;D

Actually it isn't that difficult to make it standalone...

never worked with 5282 though...but think it is in many cases
similar to 5272 for which I did a while ago some changes
in start.S to relocate itself into SDRAM without any fancy
"preloader"-thingie (o;

Anyone dare to sponsor a 5282EVB? (o;


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