[U-Boot-Users] fec structure errors?

NZG ngustavson at emacinc.com
Thu Mar 17 00:58:11 CET 2005

Got u-boot up on the 5282, but the ethernet isn't working, I'm debugging it 
and it seems really weird.

Is it just me or is the fec structure in immap_5282.h incorrect?

On page 374 of the Coldfire manual it gives a memory map of the registers.

The first thing I noticed is that the ethernet controller register (ECR) is 
located at offset 0x1024 in the manual, but appears to be at offset 0x1000 in 
the structure

ypedef struct fec {
 uint fec_ecntrl;  /* ethernet control register  */
 uint fec_ievent;  /* interrupt event register  */
 uint fec_imask;  /* interrupt mask register  */
 uint fec_ivec;  /* interrupt level and vector status */
 uint fec_r_des_active; /* Rx ring updated flag   */
 uint fec_x_des_active; /* Tx ring updated flag   */
 uint res3[10];  /* reserved    */

Has anyone gotten the fec to work with u-boot with the 5282?
Is it possible the structure is wrong?


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