[U-Boot-Users] environmental variable corruption on dataflash

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Mar 21 22:34:11 CET 2005

In message <487B538D08487B4D8FEC138A13D4F6AC58EBF9 at HOUEXCH077.corp.halliburton.com> you wrote:
> While using U-Boot 1.1.2 snapshot (December 2004) on a custom 
> AT91RM9200 board I managed to get a strange entry in environmental 
> variables (stored in dataflash) that I cannot delete:

This typically happens when you use keys that send escape sequences -
i. e. when you try command line editing or  history  functions  which
are  not  supported;  instead, U-Boot will accept your input as valid
variable name.

Run a "md" command over your environment area and you  will  probably
see what happened.

> See the line "kupdatern_download000 uImage". It does not look 
> like a regular environmental variable entry, nor can I delete 
> it. I had similar problems with two boards. Seems to be 

Seems you do the same thing again and again ;-)

> caused by sending script file for setting variables through 
> HyperTerminal, e.g. "very fast typing". Anybody seen that?

No, I seriously doubt  that.  U-Boot  is  single-tasking,  and  while
reading  from the serial port it doesn't do any other thinsg, and any
of the CPUs we're dealing with is fast enough  just  to  collect  the
characters from the serial port.

No - I bet you'r actually sending control characters.

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