[U-Boot-Users] Re: environmental variable corruption on dataflash

Sergei Sharonov sergei.sharonov at halliburton.com
Tue Mar 22 15:09:02 CET 2005

Wolfgang Denk <wd <at> denx.de> writes:

> In message <487B538D08487B4D8FEC138A13D4F6AC58EBF9 <at>
HOUEXCH077.corp.halliburton.com> you wrote:
> > 
> > While using U-Boot 1.1.2 snapshot (December 2004) on a custom 
> > AT91RM9200 board I managed to get a strange entry in environmental 
> > variables (stored in dataflash) that I cannot delete:
> This typically happens when you use keys that send escape sequences -
> i. e. when you try command line editing or  history  functions  which
> are  not  supported;  instead, U-Boot will accept your input as valid
> variable name.
> Run a "md" command over your environment area and you  will  probably
> see what happened.

Yep, you are right. It is because of control chars:
c0020000: e96454c3 746f6f62 616c6564 00333d79    .Td.bootdelay=3.
c0020010: 64756162 65746172 3531313d 00303032    baudrate=115200.
c0020020: 746f6f62 656c6966 6d49753d 00656761    bootfile=uImage.
c0020030: 6470756b 3d657461 70746674 31303220    kupdate=tftp 201
c0020040: 30303030 49752030 6567616d 1b445b1b    00000 uImage.[D.
c0020050: 5b1b445b 445b1b44 1b445b1b 5b1b445b    [D.[D.[D.[D.[D.[
c0020060: 445b1b44 1b445b1b 5b1b445b 445b1b44    D.[D.[D.[D.[D.[D
c0020070: 1b445b1b 5b1b445b 445b1b44 1b445b1b    .[D.[D.[D.[D.[D.
c0020080: 5b1b445b 445b1b44 72445b1b 6f645f6e    [D.[D.[D.[Drn_do
c0020090: 6f6c6e77 5b1b6461 435b1b43 1b435b1b    wnload.[C.[C.[C.
c00200a0: 5b1b435b 6c660043 32687361 3d6e726b    [C.[C.flash2krn=
c00200b0: 622e7063 30306320 30303832 30322030    cp.b c0028000 20
c00200c0: 30303031 31203030 30303030 656e0030    100000 100000.ne

Is there a way to get rid of the bad entries without bulk erasing 
a flash sector?

Sergei Sharonov

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