[U-Boot-Users] JFFS2 support for u-boot

C. Michael Sundius msundius at sundius.com
Fri Mar 25 21:11:38 CET 2005


I am using the 2.4.20 kernel and U-boot version 1.1.2. It seems as 
while my kernel can read the jffs2 filesystem fine. u-boot seems to 
have some
trouble when reading (ls) of symbolic links..

This is pretty serious since we use busybox and that makes use of lots 
of links for
all of the common user/shell commands.

has anyone else seen this problem? is there a patch that fixes this? Is 
it because
the version of jffs2 that u-boot was made to work with is different 
than the one
that I have in my 2.4.20 kernel?

thanks for your help

C Michael Sundius
Solico Group LLC
232 Nevada St
San Francisco, CA 94110
msundius at sundius.com

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