[U-Boot-Users] U-boot + Linux + SMP question

syoder at austin.rr.com syoder at austin.rr.com
Fri Mar 25 23:02:55 CET 2005

I have a high level question about how U-boot interacts with the Linux kernel on a PowerPC SMP system.
CPU 0 starts at the boot vector in U-boot, configures system, boots the Linux kernel.   In the kernel, CPU 0 takes action to start CPU 1 and waits for CPU 1 to start.
CPU 1 also starts execution at the boot vector.   Does CPU 1 take a different execution path through U-boot?   Does CPU 1 also decompress the kernel into SDRAM (over top of the one put there by CPU0)?
The CONFIG_SMP define in u-boot seems be isolated mostly to the asm-ppc/bitops.h header file.
Any pointers to where I could find info on this would be appreciated.
Stuart Yoder

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