[U-Boot-Users] Win CE?

Andrea Scian andrea.scian at dave-tech.it
Tue Mar 29 10:00:39 CEST 2005

 >> I hope I'm not be heretical here, but can u-boot boot CE?
>yes it can. Load your image into RAM and use the "go <address>" command

There is also a better way I'm currently working on (with good results for 
You can upload the .bin file (which is, usually, much smaller than .nb0 
file), parse it's content and create the
binary image into the ram.
I already posted some ideas on this to this list but it seems that there 
are not many people interested in
booting windoze systems with a Linux bootloader ;-) (preatty easy to guess 
their reasons! ;-)

On my own I have added a new command (called bootwince) which "execute" a 
.bin file (downloaded via TFTP or stored in flash), and
I also added some "Linux command line"-like parameter passing.
I don't know if it will be accepted into the u-boot official CVS, becase 
"stealing" a  command for such a reason is questionable
(what's your opinion about it Wolfgang?). Do someone knows a 
"better"  (acceptable ;-) way to do so?


Best Regards,

Andrea Scian

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