[U-Boot-Users] PowerPC: Relation between HRCW(BMS) and BDI2000 [TARGET] BOOTADDR, [FLASH] <flash_base>

KokHow Teh KokHow.Teh at marconi.com
Thu Mar 31 10:31:36 CEST 2005

      This is not directly related to u-boot but I hope someone can
enlighten me on this. The HRCW(BMS) defines the boot memory space to be
either in 0xFE00_0000:0xFFFF_FFFF or 0:0x01FF_FFFF. I am new to this and I
would like to find out if HRCW(BMS) is tightly coupled to the flash base
and bootaddress defined in bdi2000 configuration file. If my board has 4
flash chips with 2MB per chip, should I have something like this with
relation to HRCW(BMS)?

HRCW(BMS) = 0 to 0x01FF_FFFF:
BOOTADDR = 0x100

erase 0 CHIP
erase 0x200000 CHIP
erase 0x400000 CHIP
erase 0x800000 CHIP

uboot: TEXT_BASE = 0


HRCW(BMS) = 0xFE00_0000 to 0xFFFF_FFFF:

erase 0xFF800000 CHIP
erase 0xFFA00000 CHIP
erase 0xFFC00000 CHIP
erase 0xFFE00000 CHIP

uboot: TEXT_BASE = 0xFFF0 0000

      If I use the second configuration with BMS 0xFE00_0000:0xFFFF_FFFF,
my u-boot image is loaded to the end of the flash region and the size of my
u-boot image is limited to (0xFFFF_FFFF - 0xFFF0_0000 = 1MB) while if I use
BMS 0x0:0x01FF_FFFF, the size of the u-boot is not limited?
      Thank you and appreciate any insight.


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