[U-Boot-Users] custom mpc83xx based board support

Chu hanjin-r52514 Hanjin.Chu at freescale.com
Wed Nov 2 11:09:07 CET 2005

You can take 8349ADS code as reference by make MPC8349ADS_config under u-boot. This code has worked on MPC8349E Processor Card made by Freescale. The 2.6 kernel also support this board. I think most of the code dont need to be modified. You can compare the hardware between your board and Freescale reference board.

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Neil Chu 

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I'm planning to prepare embedded Linux installation
on custom made board using mpc83xx CPU. As much as I
understand, to support it I'll need to write support 
code in boards directory and header file in 
include/configs. What are the chances that existing
code for mpc8349ads will work ? and if not can I cook
something based on this code with minimal changes ?
Another question is whether 2.6.* kernel configured
and built for mpc83xx family should work with any
based on this CPU or some board specific changes 
must be done in the kernel ? 


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