[U-Boot-Users] Re: Low-boot configuration for MPC8272ADS

Dmytro Bablinyuk dmytro.bablinyuk at rftechnology.com.au
Wed Nov 2 23:58:51 CET 2005

> For blank flash, you need to pull up the RSTCONF* line (8260UM 
> "Single MPC8260 with Default Configuration") which will set your HRCW to 
> all zeros rather than read it from memory (I'm assuming you are not 
> implementing the BCSR).
> This will require a different BDI2000 config file because the ISB will 
> be set to 0x0000_0000 - if the first line in your special BDI config 
> file sets the ISB back to your prefered value (0xF000_0000?), you should 
> be able to leave all the rest of your config file the same.

Thank you Jerry,

This removes some magic!
Do you know by any chance what the reason can be for

Loading u-boot.bin , please wait ....
# PPC: timeout while waiting for freeze
*** TARGET: reset detected, restarting target

I have HRCW 0x0E74B20A, (ISB100), so I have changed my BDI config
; init core register
WREG    MSR             0x00001002      ;MSR  : ME,RI
WM32    0xF0010004      0xFFFFFFC3      ;SYPCR: disable watchdog
WM32    0xF00101A8      0x04700000      ;IMMR : internal space @ 0x04700000

'md', some other commands work fine but 'load' is 'timing out'?
u-boot as stand alone starts without problems (HRCW come from flash), 
BDI is not resetting anymore apart from case when I do 'load'.

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