[U-Boot-Users] Lite5200B support on U-Boot.

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Nov 3 17:57:47 CET 2005

In message <436A3132.6020004 at aotek.es> you wrote:
> In a couple of weeks we will recieve a Lite5200B for evaluation. Looking 
> into the Lite5200B User Manual we have found that the board comes 
> pre-loaded with a U-Boot version. Does anyone know if this U-Boot 
> version source code is now available? Will it be?. Has the low-boot been 

Obviously this is a question you should ask Freescale, not us.

Simply put: the source code MUST be  available,  or  Freescale  would
violate the GPL.

> ported to that board? We have found nothing about it in the U-Boot 
> repository (searching for Lite5200B, we don't know if the board is known 
> by other name).

Low-boot has been there for a long, long time. 

The plain old Lite board is supported  just  fine,  including  confi-
gurations with DDR RAM; changes for the Lite5200B should be minimal.

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