[U-Boot-Users] Ethernet Interface Initialization in U-boot

Swapnil Ashok Narkhede S3092131 at student.rmit.edu.au
Mon Nov 14 19:13:42 CET 2005

I am trying to enable the Ethernet Interface
on the board. The ethernet controller is
After U-boot boots, i set the environment
variables ethaddr to an ethernet address
generated using gen_eth_addr and
set netdev to eth0.
After saving the environment i try to issue
DHCP command so that i can get the IP
addr from DHCP server.
but when i issue DHCP command i get the output as
data abort and the board is reset.
When i tried to debug this, i found that
before calling eth_init ()
eth_halt() is called. Within eth_halt() is call
to smc_close(),which has a call to smc_shutdown().
Within smc_shutdown initially there is a call
Upon calling this macro the boot loader sends
data abort and resets the board.
The GPIO's are properly configured.

The same driver for SMC91111 works on the pxa255-
Accelent board.
What could be wrong in this case.

Please help me resolve the issue.

Swapnil Narkhede
Mob:- 0432025023
Email:- s3092131 at student.rmit.edu.au
School of Computer Science and Information Technology
RMIT University, Melbourne

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