[U-Boot-Users] u-boot debug suggestions

Don Pruitt dpruitt at alltel.net
Sun Nov 20 21:51:21 CET 2005


I have a custom board running a 405GPr that is based off of the  
walnut ref board with the exception that we have a 512KB boot prom  
starting @ fff80000 which is where I burn uboot. I have ported u- 
boot-1.1.3 to the board with the assistance of a BDI2000 which seems  
to work well. I get the uboot UI and am able to read and write to  
sdram and flash, however if I remove the jtag uboot crashes at  
startup.  My first thought was that it's a timing issue as the jtag  
would hold the board in reset on power up.  I questioned this when I  
discovered that  I can somewhat simulate this with the BDI2000 by  
issuing a reset run 1000. This approach would seem to indicate that  
it is crashing when attempting to access an sdram address.  What I  
don't understand is why there would be a difference with the sdram  
initialization between powering up the target and issuing a bdi  >go  
and issuing a >reset run xxxx?  Any suggestions you have would be  
greatly appreciated!


Don Pruitt

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