[U-Boot-Users] code for writing FAT in uboot

Daniel Stenberg daniel at haxx.se
Wed Nov 30 16:06:04 CET 2005

On Wed, 30 Nov 2005, Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> Are you aware of any stability problems of this code? I can corrupt the file 
> system on my Archos jukebox more or less reliably by writing several files 
> in one command; if I copy file by file followed by a "sync" after each file 
> everything is fine.

No, I can't recall any known flaws in the most recent version of our FAT code. 
We've used this very same FAT code on a range of targets successfully.

If you can repeat such a problem with the latest software I would be happy to 
get to know the details get the team diving in...

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