[U-Boot-Users] Locked block in StrataFlash

Daniel Stenberg daniel at haxx.se
Wed Nov 30 16:49:16 CET 2005

On Wed, 30 Nov 2005, llandre wrote:

> I experienced a problem with strataflash driver on ARM920T-based custom 
> hardware. The driver has been derived from board/esd/cpcpi440/strataflash.c. 
> When issuing a saveenv command, U-Boot randomly can't erase the block 
> because it is locked (environment is in flash). We verified with JTAG 
> debugger that status register and it confirmed the locked state. To unlock 
> the block we issued manually the necessary commands. The function 
> flash_real_protect is never invoked (I verified with JTAG debugger that it 
> is never executed, too). Anybody experienced similar problems?

I'm using an ARM920T as well (AT91RM9200 to be exact) and an Intel Strata 
flash, and since it speaks CFI I used drivers/cfi_flash.c with success.

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