[U-Boot-Users] Hi help me to configure U-boot for my board

Harshapvstus harsha at pvst.us
Mon Sep 5 02:40:55 CEST 2005

Dear all,

I am new to this mailing list.
I have some questions regarding the U-boot.
I have gone through the u-boot code, There is no u-boot for the DSP processor DM320. where i have search for the u-boot for my DM320 board.

My board configuration is as fallowed.
I have a DM320 processor and my host processor is IXP420.
I don't have the FLASH in My DM320 side, my U-boot should be loaded to the memry of the DM320 by IXP420 processor.
As u-boot source code suggest that for loading from the FLASH. Whats the changes i should make in commonly used files for the for loading the U-boot to the DM320.

And if anybody have reffernce for the DM320 u-boot developmenet please do help. the refferesnces.

Harsha S
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