[U-Boot-Users] "go addr" Question...

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Sep 6 16:38:53 CEST 2005

In message < at ptg1.spd.analog.com> you wrote:
> We were having an issue with the command "go addr" starting some binary 
> images (like the linux kernel and others).

You are aware that Linux is supposed to be  booted  using  the  bootm
command, aren't you?

> Aubrey Li tracked this down to what appears to us as an issue in 
> u-boot/common/cmd_boot.c:do_go which doesn't clear, or invalidate cache.

Why do you think this is a problem? Caches are flushed after  loading
an image.

> Right now, we added this to our cvs, with an ifdef - if this is a common 
> need for other architectures, we can take out the ifdef, and re-sumbit the 
> patch.

It will be rejected...

> +#if defined(CONFIG_BLACKFIN)
> +        if(icache_status())
> +                invalidate_entire_icache();
> +#endif

This will just cause linker errors. There is no function
invalidate_entire_icache() anywhere in U-Boot.

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