[U-Boot-Users] mtdparts

Ladislav Michl ladis at linux-mips.org
Wed Sep 7 15:37:06 CEST 2005

On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 02:54:59PM +0200, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> We willprovide an extension soon; we're going to create an additional
> variable 'mtddevnum'.
> Note: the numbering will be exactly as partitions are listed  in  the
> $mtdparts  variable.  This  way  user  can fully control the indexing
> sequence but it is also a bit more troublesome you have to take  care
> about the order of devices in $mtdparts.
> But the greater flexibilty seems to me to be a big advantage over any
> fixed scheme which cannot know about the init sequence in  the  Linux
> kernel.
> Is this OK with you?


that sounds perfectly right to me. Note that once Linux kernel gets
capability of mounting rootfs by mtd(part) name, it might be usefull to
add yet another variable mtddevname.

Currently you can do something like:
mount -t jffs2 mtd:fs1 /mount_point

I hope kernel will get support for mounting rootfs by name soon.

Best regards,

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