[U-Boot-Users] vmlinux kernel image(IN ELF BINARY format) for making uImage

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Sep 21 23:35:05 CEST 2005

In message <1127323823.5f1b939cS3092131 at student.rmit.edu.au> you wrote:
> How do i know if the vmlinuz image that 
> i have is in ELF BINARY format?

Just don't care. The Linux kernel's makefile will just do  the  right

> I have a vmlinux image compiled 
> from MontaVista Linux for COnsumer
> Edition. The size of this image is
> 28 MB but when i use this image in
> generating uImage the linux.bin that is genrated 
> is of 1.7MB and after gzipping it and finally
> making uImage the uImage is of 775Kb.
> How is this possible?

The 28 MB contain a lot of symbol tables and debug information  which
get stripped off when creating the binary image - 1.7 MB sounds right
for  this.  And  the  gzip compression code is good enough to squueze
this into 775 kB. Everything sounds reasonable.

> What is exactly happening out here?
Nothing special.

> Is it a right way to pass MontaVista Kernel
> image to Uimage?

Sounds like it is.

> Why is there so much of reduction in size?

Because unnnecessary symbol and debug information gets thrown away.

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