[U-Boot-Users] Re: how to make a PCI net card work ?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Sep 28 10:11:09 CEST 2005

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In message <200509281002.AA305856620 at NARI-RELAYS.COM> you wrote:
> Hello, my aim is to make the PCI net card work both in U-BOOT and linux.
> The card has already been found in U-BOOT, 
> PCI:   Bus Dev VenId DevId Class Int
>         00  18  8086  1209  0200  00
>         00  1a  1057  5803  0680  00
> In:    serial
> Out:   serial
> Err:   serial
> Net:   FEC ETHERNET, i82559#0


> My first question is how to config the PCI net device(i82559) to use it for tftp?
> The environments settting in U-boot are,
> => printenv


	=> setenv ethact i82559#0

before issueing the first network command.

Alternatively, set and save  "ethprime"  to  hold  the  name  of  the
primary ethernet interface.

Actually I am surprised that you have to ask these questions. You did
read the README, didn't you? It says:

  ethprime      - When CONFIG_NET_MULTI is enabled controls which
                  interface is used first.

  ethact        - When CONFIG_NET_MULTI is enabled controls which
                  interface is currently active. For example you
                  can do the following
                  => setenv ethact FEC ETHERNET
                  => ping # traffic sent on FEC ETHERNET
                  => setenv ethact SCC ETHERNET
                  => ping # traffic sent on SCC ETHERNET

> and i could only found the deviec eth0 (FEC) and lo by using the ifconfig -a command,

You see only interfaces listed that have been configured. What do you
see in the kernel boot messages? Is there some  startup  message  for
eth1?  What  happens  when  you  issue (for example) a "ifconfig eth1 up" command? [Make sure to use a valid IP address.]

> My third question is how can i add the PCI net device? and how to configue the net? 

You just configure the driver into the  Linux  kernel;  and  you  use
"ifconfig" to configure the interface.

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