[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] Major overhaul for Xilinx ML300 board support

Peter Ryser peter.ryser at xilinx.com
Wed Sep 28 10:55:15 CEST 2005

Attached the CHANGELOG entry for a larger patch that overhauls the ML300 
support in U-Boot. The patch is needed as a bug fix for several items 
around IIC, System ACE CF, and Ethernet MAC that did not work or did not 
work properly. It is also a preparatory and required patch for 
additional patches that I plan to submit shortly to add support for more 
Xilinx boards around Virtex-II Pro and Virtex-4 FX FPGAs. All 
modifications in this patch affect the board/xilinx sub-directory and 
include/configs/ml300.h only.

The patch itself is too large to submit to the list (70k). It can be 
found at
This area is cleaned out on a regular basis. If the patch should no 
longer be available from this area send me an email and I will upload it 

The patch applies cleanly against the current CVS tree. It also does not 
generate any warnings during compilation and passes the "MAKEALL ppc" 
test (there are errors, e.g. cpci5200, but I cannot see how they could 
be caused by this patch).

While most parts adhere to the coding style there are some pieces in the 
patch that do not comply 100%. These pieces are mostly in comments or in 
include files. I tried to clean this up over the past few days but 
constantly broke something more important (i.e. code and compilation). I 
hope this patch can be applied to the CVS tree as is. If so, I plan to 
submit one or multiple follow-up patches that will fix coding style issues.

After the patch is applied, board/xilinx/ml300/sw_services with all its 
files and sub-directories should be removed from the CVS tree. This 
directory has been moved up to board/xilinx/sw_services as it is not 
specific to the ML300 board and will be reused for other Xilinx boards.

Attached is a second small patch (cm.patch) with changes to the 
MAINTAINERS and CREDITS file. I hope that's okay.

- Peter

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