[U-Boot-Users] Re: Compiled system and target board mismatched while make U-boot image..

Thomas Lange thomas at corelatus.se
Thu Apr 6 22:31:24 CEST 2006

ito at mlb.co.jp wrote:
>> Use dbau1550 for big endian version.
>> Use dbau1550_el for little endian version.
>> Your toolchain is little endian.
>   No. I think problems are in linker script.
>   I use sdelinux-5.03.06-1 (gcc-2.96) and gcc-3.3.4 from uClibc toolchain.
>   both compiler needs to apply attached changes.
>   Maybe your compiler can generate a file for little-endian code to big-endian
>   binary format. but sdelinux or uClibc toolchain are not.
>   Please report If your compiler does not have problems with this patch, 
>   if it is noproblem, consider to marge this. > support at denx.de
> What I change is:
>  remove OUTPUT_FORMAT: It will use default format.
>  remove -EL or -EB : It will use toolchain default.

This is not a dbau1550 question IMHO. It is an endian question for mips
platforms and I am not qualified to determine if it is correct or not.
I use big endian and ELDK ;-)



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