[U-Boot-Users] BDI vs. Lauterbach

Andrey Volkov avolkov at varma-el.com
Mon Apr 10 19:58:44 CEST 2006

On Monday, April 10, 2006, llandre wrote:

>> Pros:
>>      BDI - 10Mbit eth, Lauterbach - 100 Mbit.
>>      Lauterbach scalable and simply extendable, BDI - not.
> 1) Powerful scripting language
> 2) Very user friendly
> 3) Rich commands set that allows to debug hardware problems, too
> 4) Can "interpret" peripheral registers to provide human
> readable/changeable values
> 5) O.S. awarness for several o.s. and RTOSes
1-5 common for a both (to a greater or lesser extent),
but Lb _demand_ that TRACE32 installed on host and
may communicate _only_ with TRACE32. And, if your bumped
with problems with TRACE32 (_host software_, not hardware)
at the middle of annual subscription, your _must_ prolonger
subscription (not for free of charge) since LB released fixed
TRACE32 when your current subscription will be closed.
We bumped with such situation when worked with Hitachi (Renesas)
SH7751 family. TRACE32 know _nothing_ about new revision (7751R),
and refuse to work at all. For a defeated of Lb,
I could say that I don't know what Abatron offer in this situation,
and this situation was 3 years ago.

> 6) Modularity (trace module, logic analyzer module)
I already point to it (scalable etc)

>> Cons:
>>      BDI support gnu toolchain natively (in GDB server mode),
>>      Lauterbach - not (sometime it parsing elf/dwarf correctly,
>>      sometime, usually in critical cases :), not).
>>      And you are know, hmm, strange Lauterbach price policy:
>>      price of BDI firmware for a new CPU target is approx. 1000 eur,
>>      for the Lauterbach - price of new device.

> 1) So far no gdb support
> 2) USB version doesn't support Linux on host
Since protocol _closed_ and patented (I think).

Andrey Volkov

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