[U-Boot-Users] About Boot from EEPROM.

Lu Weijiang levy_lu at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 13 06:10:16 CEST 2006


I'm new to U-boot.I am working on a MPC8247 board which has EEPROM(512KB) 
as the Boot chip and a flash(16MB) as the data flash.The physical address 
of the EEPROM is 0xfff80000-0xffffffff,and the physical address of the 
flash is 0xC2000000-0xC3000000.I have several questions as listed below:

1) If we could burn the u-boot.bin to the EEPROM throuth programer off the 
board and only read data from the EEPROM on board,should i need the driver 
for the EEPROM?

2) If it is correct to set the values of CFG_FLASH_BASE, CFG_MONITOR_BASE 
and TEXT_BASE like this:

3) I saw CFG_RAMBOOT in Start.S and CFG_LOWBOOT in MPC8260ads.h.What is the 
meaning of them,sorry I am blunt to software.

Any suggestion is appreciated!

Best Regards,

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