[U-Boot-Users] AMCC 4XX (specially 405EP) and CFG_RX_ETH_BUFFERS

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Wed Apr 26 10:08:24 CEST 2006

Hi Tolunay,

On Wednesday, 26. April 2006 01:56, Tolunay Orkun wrote:
> Is there a valid range for number of RX buffers for AMCC405EP Ethernet
> driver?
> I am using a fairly recent U-Boot from GIT and if I define
> CFG_RX_ETH_BUFFERS 31 it works but if I use CFG_RX_ETH_BUFFERS 32 it has
> a lot of timeouts in tftp etc.

Hmmm. I didn't expected this. I would recommend to use at least 16 buffer. If 
what you say is true (which I don't doubt), then there seems to be a problem 
in the 4xx ethernet driver.

Sorry but I don't have the time to dig into this right now. I would really 
appreciate it, if you could find the reason for this strange behavior and 
come up with a patch for it. :-)

If not, please use 16 for now. This is what is used on most 405 platforms and 
works quite well.

Best regards,

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