[U-Boot-Users] Bug in cfi_flash.c

Mirco Fuchs fuchs at ftz-leipzig.de
Wed Apr 26 14:20:31 CEST 2006


there is a bug in cfi_flash.c in function flash_get_size(). The problem appears if the board 
specific CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT macro is smaller than the real number of sectors. 

In this case i use a 32 MiB Spansion flash (S29GL256), but we only want respectivly can use 
16 MiB of the flash because of the broken A24 line on the AT91RM9200. Therefore i defined 
CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT to 128, but the real value is 256. The structure allocation of 
flash_info_t in flash.h defines the size of the protect array to CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT (in 
my case 128). The for-loop in flash_get_size() initialises this array, but it does it for all 
sectors (erase_region_count) which is 256 in my case. This will cause the info->portwidth 
variable (and of course all following too) to be overwritten.

typedef struct {
           ulong   size;                   /* total bank size in bytes             */
           ushort  sector_count;           /* number of erase units                */
           ulong   flash_id;               /* combined device & manufacturer code  */
           ulong   start[CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT];   /* physical sector start addresses */
           uchar   protect[CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT]; /* sector protection status        */
   #ifdef CFG_FLASH_CFI
           uchar   portwidth;              /* the width of the port                */
           uchar   chipwidth;              /* the width of the chip                */
           ushort  buffer_size;            /* # of bytes in write buffer           */
           ulong   erase_blk_tout;         /* maximum block erase timeout          */
           ulong   write_tout;             /* maximum write timeout                */
           ulong   buffer_write_tout;      /* maximum buffer write timeout         */
           ushort  vendor;                 /* the primary vendor id                */
           ushort  cmd_reset;              /* Vendor specific reset command        */
           ushort  interface;              /* used for x8/x16 adjustments          */
           ushort  legacy_unlock;          /* support Intel legacy (un)locking     */
   } flash_info_t;

cfi_flash.c, flash_get_size()
                         debug ("erase_region_count = %d erase_region_size = %d\n",
                                 erase_region_count, erase_region_size);
                         for (j = 0; j < erase_region_count; j++) {
                                 info->start[sect_cnt] = sector;
                                 sector += (erase_region_size * size_ratio);
                                  * Only read protection status from supported devices (intel...)
                                 switch (info->vendor) {
                                 case CFI_CMDSET_INTEL_EXTENDED:
                                 case CFI_CMDSET_INTEL_STANDARD:
                                         info->protect[sect_cnt] =
                                                 flash_isset (info, sect_cnt,
                                         info->protect[sect_cnt] = 0; /* default: not protected */


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