[U-Boot-Users] OMAP5912 OSK - BDI2000 config file / flash instructions?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Apr 26 17:10:59 CEST 2006

Dear Chuck,

in message <IIEEICKJLNEPBBDJICNGGEMCKLAA.chuckmeade at mindspring.com> you wrote:
> Sorry, forgot to include the instructions in that msg.  It has been a while
> since I flashed mine, so I am pretty sure these are correct.  Let me know
> if they are not, and I can retry them here.
> First, the standard ARM BDI2000 cable does not get used with this board.
> Use the 20-pin ARM/XScale BDI2000 cable for the osk5912.
> Using the config file I sent, at the bdi2000 prompt type:
>   unlock 0 2000 2
>   erase 0
>   prog 0 u-boot_omap5912_osk.bin binary

Thanks for all the hints, which work fine.

In my case the BDI2000 config file needed  more  trickier  tuning.  I
have  noi idea why, but I had to remove the "WAKEUP" from the default
config file and use the following commands  instead  (only  available
with latest firmware, as I understand):

	SCANINIT    r1:t1:w1000:t0:w1000:  ;assert reset and toggle TRST
	SCANINIT    r0:w30000              ;release reset and wait

Thanks goes once more to Ruedi Dummermuth from Abatron;  without  his
help I'd still be searching.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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