[U-Boot-Users] cannot read flash manufact. id on 405EP with u-boot-1.1.6

Tom Brown brown at esteem.com
Fri Dec 1 22:25:44 CET 2006


We currently use u-boot-1.0.0 successfully on our 405EP SBC. Last year, we 
upgraded our toolchain from

When we made the upgrade we couldn't get u-boot-1.0.0 to compile with the new 
toolchain. Now, we'd like to upgrade u-boot so it compiles with the same 
toolchain as our firmware image. I am able to get u-boot-1.1.6 to compile 
with the new toolchain. However, it will not get past recognizing the flash 
during boot. The output is given below. As you can see, it is reading a value 
of 0x1f8b08 for the manufacturer type when it should be reading 0x0001 for 
AMD. We get the same problem when we try to use u-boot-1.1.0. Any ideas on 
what we need to look at?


U-Boot for the 195Eg

CPU:   AMCC PowerPC 405EP Rev. B at 250 MHz (PLB=125, OPB=62, EBC=31 MHz)
       I2C boot EEPROM disabled
       Internal PCI arbiter enabled
       16 kB I-Cache 16 kB D-Cache
I2C:   ready
DRAM:  16 MB
Top of RAM usable for U-Boot at: 01000000
Reserving 251k for U-Boot at: 00fc1000
Reserving 256k for malloc() at: 00f81000
Reserving 140 Bytes for Board Info at: 00f80f74
Reserving 48 Bytes for Global Data at: 00f80f44
Stack Pointer at: 00f80f28
New Stack Pointer is: 00f80f28
Now running in RAM - U-Boot at: 00fc1000
FLASH: flash_get_size begin
manufact type value == 1f8b08
flash_id == FLASH_UNKOWN
flash_get_size end
## Unknown FLASH on Bank 0 - Size = 0x00000000 = 0 MB
flash_protect ON: from 0xFFFC0000 to 0xFFFFFFFF

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