[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] NXP Semiconductors PNX8550/PNX8535/PNX8536 SoC support added

Robert Deliën robert.delien at nxp.com
Mon Dec 4 13:43:27 CET 2006


The patch attached adds support for the NXP Semiconductors (former Philips
Semiconductors) PNX8550 SoC to U-Boot. As a target, the SilverBox
development target (config_silverbox) has been added.

The PNX8550 SoC contains a PR4450 MIPS core, a Philips implementation of a
MIPS32 processor. This patch will work on later - MIPS 4KEc based - SoCs
such as the PNX8535 and PNX8836 too, but there's no specific configuration
for those available yet. Serious rework of the MIPS lowlevel code is
required for that. Therefore the PNX8550 and PNX8535 U-Boot does not run
cached, but it does run in the cached memory segment.

For proper MIPS32 cache support significant rework of start.S and cache.S is
needed. We opted not to do this at this time as that may break existing MIPS
based boards. It is our intention to submit MIPS32 architecture compliant
versions of these when the PNX8550/PNX8535 board support is in U-Boot. This
will also include proper MIPS exception handling, something sorely missing.

The PNX8550 and PNX8535 are SoCs that are part of the NXP Semiconductors
Nexperia product line. NXP sells over 6,000,000 of these SoCs annually. They
are used in high-end TV sets, set-top boxes and PVRs.

With kind regards,

	Robert Deliën.
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