[U-Boot-Users] Problems with an E1000 driver

Marc Lawrence lawrence at control.ee.ethz.ch
Wed Dec 6 09:54:12 CET 2006

Dear All

This is my first post - so a quick background. In my spare time I am
working on the Qnap Turbostation series of NAS devices; which uses an
extended version of U-Boot 1.2. (the modified code - only sandpoint8245.c
can be obtained from Qnap). Further board specifications and info can be
found at http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Open_Turbostation:TS101

A colleague is looking at porting the existing U-Boot to version 1.6 - and
trying to enable network support (the Qnap version is based on sandpoint
8245). There are two board variants - one with an RTL 8139 ethernet driver
(which seems to work no problems); and mine which has an Intel 8250 OEM. 

Currently my version of the boot code fails; and generates program
exceptions. Working backwards we have identified that the failure is
occurring in e1000.c between lines 2580 and 2625 - within the e1000_sw_init
function. In particular I suspect the code problem is with reading the
E1000_STATUS register. 
	if (hw->mac_type >= e1000_82543) 
		uint32_t status = E1000_READ_REG(hw, STATUS);

I had a quick look on the tracker list; and google but was not able to find
anything specific. (perhaps im just blind ;-)

Currently we daisy chain to the new U-Boot version (as JTAG access is
somewhat unreliable at the moment). Thus we download the new version to RAM;
then copy it to spare flash; and issue the 'go' command from the U-Boot
prompt. I know this is not the recommended path - and therefore wonder if
this might also be the associated with the problem. A program trace is

I would be grateful if someone could provide some pointers about what might
be going wrong. I do know (from debug messages) that the code point never
reaches the end of the function - i.e. 	return E1000_SUCCESS;

Many thanks,


Ps Please note: to aid initial debugging I had issued extra printf
statements - showing "Marc:...". 

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