[U-Boot-Users] RTL8169 driver not work on PPC8241

Roger Yang(楊仁存) roger at cameo.com.tw
Tue Dec 12 12:43:17 CET 2006

My ethernet can not work based on RTL8169 and MPC8241. I try to use TFTP command to load files. But It can not send out the packets. I found it caused by TxDescriptor not work. Since the owner bit on TxDescriptor can not auto clean by descriptor in the function rtl_send( ). When compile RTL8169.C, a function "virt_to_bus( )" lost. So i define it as the following 
#undef	virt_to_bus
#define	virt_to_bus(x)	((unsigned long)x)

Can any one advise me if this definition ok? Or anything I should check?


Roger Yang

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