[U-Boot-Users] Help req on IMMR selection for MPC8260 customs board

batsayan.das at tcs.com batsayan.das at tcs.com
Wed Jan 4 08:31:02 CET 2006


My MPC8260 based customs board gives the u-boot prompt with IMMR value 
0x0F000000. Now I changed the IMMR to 0xF0000000, but the I can not get 
the Boot prompt, why?   I change the IMMR in u-boot,  as I found in the 
mailing list that for linux to come up we should change the IMMR in u-boot 
to 0xF0000000. Is this true? 

My questions are

1. Is it possible to bring up Linux by u-boot having IMMR 0x0F000000? ( I 
found in the documentation, that in Linux tree I need to set 
IMAP_ADDR=CFG_IMMR , but doing so, does not bring up Linux.  where is the 
wrong? ) . I am bit confused that, in one document says that setting the 
same IMMR value both in U-boot and Linux should bring up Linux and the 
other document says that for Linux to come up IMMR value at u-boot should 
be set as 0xF0000000.  What is the truth?
2. What to change to get boot prompt for IMMR 0xF0000000

The board we are using does not have BCSR.

Batsayan Das
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Mailto: batsayan.das at tcs.com
Website: http://www.tcs.com

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