[U-Boot-Users] Help req on IMMR selection for MPC8260 customs board

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Jan 4 10:30:19 CET 2006

In message <OFADBF1407.4C9027A2-ON652570EC.0026A8C0-652570EC.00293A12 at tcs.com> you wrote:
> My MPC8260 based customs board gives the u-boot prompt with IMMR value 
> 0x0F000000. Now I changed the IMMR to 0xF0000000, but the I can not get 
> the Boot prompt, why?   I change the IMMR in u-boot,  as I found in the 

Because your configuration is uincomplete / incorrect.

> mailing list that for linux to come up we should change the IMMR in u-boot 
> to 0xF0000000. Is this true? 

It is one of the possible values that will work with Linux.

> 1. Is it possible to bring up Linux by u-boot having IMMR 0x0F000000? ( I 

Yes, but this will not work with Linux.

> found in the documentation, that in Linux tree I need to set 
> IMAP_ADDR=CFG_IMMR , but doing so, does not bring up Linux.  where is the 
> wrong? ) . I am bit confused that, in one document says that setting the 
> same IMMR value both in U-boot and Linux should bring up Linux and the 
> other document says that for Linux to come up IMMR value at u-boot should 
> be set as 0xF0000000.  What is the truth?

Both is correct. There is no  discrepance  between  both  statements.
Note  that  0xF0000000  is  just an example; other values in the high
addess range (like 0xFFF00000)  may  work,  too,  depending  on  your
system configuration.

> 2. What to change to get boot prompt for IMMR 0xF0000000

Change your board configuration.

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