[U-Boot-Users] Make for AmigaOneG3SE fails

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Jan 8 15:13:43 CET 2006

In message <43C005EE.9020501 at uvigo.es> you wrote:
> I am studying the feasibility of using the "x86 BIOS emulator" (in 
> /board/MAI/bios_emulator) to initialize an ATI graphics card.
> As a first step, I am trying to compile U-Boot for AmigaOneG3SE (which 
> uses the bios_emulator), but there are lots of warnings and errors. I am 

I'm afraid you have to dig through  this  mess  -  unfortunately  the
AmigaOneG3SE port has never been really maintained.

> Has anyone here compiled U-Boot for AmigaOne? If the answer is 
> affirmative, which toolchain (and version) did you use for the 
> cross-compile? Thanks in advance.

The port was added about 3 years ago (Nov 2002) in  the  U-Boot-0.2.0
time  frame; it was workig by then, at least the Amiga folks released
working binaries. I don't know if the code contributed  back  to  the
public  source  tree  was ever clean and working - sorry, but I don't
have access to such hardware, and there is no  other  maintainer  for
this port.

> P.S.: I use the ELDK compiler configured for ppc_74xx- under linux x86.

This should work fine. Problems are caused by the unmaintained source
tree for this board.

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