[U-Boot-Users] board porting question

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jan 12 23:02:26 CET 2006

In message <54AD0F12E08D1541B826BE97C98F99F11C29B3 at NT-SJCA-0751.brcm.ad.broadcom.com> you wrote:
> I have a board with arm926 big-endian, serial port, NOR/SRAM. I used
> omap 1610H2 as my code base since the cpu type is same. Problem is that
> the printf() function doesnot work, for example:
> printf("\n%s\n", uboot_version); instead of print the real string, it
> give me the "%s" as is.
> So I want to know it is a big-edian problem or ..., any clue will be
> appreciated.

I can only speculate here. Eventually this  is  a  toolchain  problem
(printf()  being  a variable argument list function and thus sensible
against problems with parameter passing).

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And will you please stop posting HTML here???

I am *seriously* considering the option to move this list from SF and
reject all messages  that  contain  HTML  (or  even  base64)  encoded

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