[U-Boot-Users] Excluding Env Variable section from the u-boot.bin

Tore Martin Hagen thagen at slb.com
Fri Jan 13 08:51:58 CET 2006

Albert David wrote:

>when i update my u-boot in the field (for some unavoidable reason),
>the update_uboot script erases all the u-boot flash sectors and over
>writes the new u-boot.bin - 
Hi, I think you should change your update_uboot script so that it only 
erases the sector with the bin. Are you updating u-boot from u-boot or 
from Linux (or some other OS)?

>what if somethings goes wrong with the
>communication or power while copying u-boot.bin to flash?? i may loose
>important settings of my product in the field! u-boot.bin  can always
>be updated using the BDI tool! But i cannot recover the environment
In this case you would need to read the environment variables first and 
keep them backed up during the u-boot update.

/Tore Martin Hagen

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