[U-Boot-Users] Execution problem in MIPS based...

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jan 13 16:54:45 CET 2006

In message <2aec1b9a0601130731w163f9a9cp145d9eb0972e0161 at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> I am trying to add some POST tests in the uboot for MIPS 32 based
> board.Asthe number of tests increases i face some
> problems.The uboot strucks at some point.I am using the cmdline options to
> execute each tests.If i add eg some 5 tests it works fine.If i add one more
> then the processor hangs.I am including some c files from outside.All the
> tests works fine individually in uboot using command line option.If i build
> with all the tests, one or the other makes the system hang.
> I tried to debug and the statement causing the Rom Exception is
>                    8003CAC8  0x3C1C0003  lui     $gp,0x0003
> in the begining of one of the functions.
> Please give me some pointers

Is there a watchdog on your system?

> Is there any size limitation to uboot?


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