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Sat Jan 21 14:16:25 CET 2006

Hello Wolfgang,
I would like to have your advice on how to handle Uboot code for 5
in-house boards called MxB1,MxB2,MxB3 and ExB1,ExB2. Common name XxB.

The boards feature the following functionality ;

o IPMI <--> PPC communication channel ( Serial ) Parts of the ATCA
spec is followed. MAC address retrieval is e.g. done through IPMI.

o Dual Boot areas in FLash ( 32M ) with one Exchangeable area and one
Fallback area.

o Log area in flash

o If both FLash areas are empty BOOTP will be used for Booting

o UPM Machine programmed for HDD PIO or DMA access through the PPC processor

o Password protected login at start-up. If a button is pressed by mistake
the board will boot anyway , only a correct password will stop the boot

The boards are based on a PPC 8270 with 256M RAM and 32M FLash.
They also have Broadcom 5690&5670/5671 Switch circuits.


o Are you keen on taking in a new (Ericsson) board series?

o If so should I port the existing code to the latest Bootloader?

o How do you want the code delivered?

We have ofcourse prepared to ship the Source code to our customers.

Best Regards // Matias Sundman

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