[U-Boot-Users] Modifying U-Boot

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Jan 23 15:19:03 CET 2006

In message <003a01c62026$958930c0$9e01120a at bilisim.local> you wrote:
> >
> when modifying u-boot for a custom design board, is schematic of the
> board is required? 

This depends on the quality and level of datail of the other documen-
tation you have. I  prefer  to  be  able  to  verify  this  form  the
schematics  (which  usually  is  more  up-to-date than all text docs,

> i have datasheet of the board that explain memory map, bridge and cpu
> type, ex. is this datasheet sufficient to modify u-boot?

Maybe, maybe not. I don't know your board.  Does  your  documentation
explain the use of all port pins, clock routing, how to reset the PHY

> if schematic is required, what are names of u-boot source files that
> must be modifyed according to schematic?

It depends...

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