[U-Boot-Users] max gunzip output buffer size in do_bootm()

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Jan 24 18:32:16 CET 2006

In message <43D655B2.6070204 at esd-electronics.com> you wrote:
> I ran into trouble when booting huge compressed images via bootm.
> do_bootm uses a fixed maximum size for the uncompressed data of 0x400000 
> bytes. That's not enough for our images (about uncompressed 9MB VxWorks 
> image).

That's a built-in reminder that  the  time  has  come  to  port  your
applications to Linux :-)

> Is there any reason for the 4MB limiting? I'd like to post a patch that 

As usual: hysteric reasons. There was a  time  when  nobody  imagined
that  a  Linux  kernel image would exceed that size (and at this time
Linux was all what we were concerned about). Given the size explosion
with 2.6 I fear that the 4 MB might not be enough for Linux any  more
soon, too :-(

> a) just increase the unc_len variable to e.g. 16MB
> b) add a define with default to board config file 
> (CONFIG_MAX_BOOTM_UNC_LEN). When not defined in config file, 0x400000 is 
> used
> c) set unc_len to mem size :-) So user must know what he is doing.
> What do you like best?

Looking at the gunzip() code I'm not sure we need this at all.

> BTW: When the uncompressed data is more than the unc_len limit no error 
> is reported. The uncompressed data is just truncated leading to 
> corrupted uncompressed data. Should that be fixed, too?

Maybe we should just get  rid  of  this  and  assume  that  there  is
sufficient space to uncompress the image.

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