[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot stop booting after environment change + Environment in large nand flash

Chun Kit Edwin Lau edwin at micronedge.com
Fri Jan 27 16:19:07 CET 2006

Hi everyone,

	I have tried the large nand (2k erase size, K9F2G08U0M) code from
testing-NAND.  I can erase/read/write the NAND flash in U-Boot.    I
didn't try any ECC code, but things seems to be working out fine.  I
have modded the env_nand.c a bit to add support for environment in NAND
for this chip.  And it seemed ok.

	I have encountered two issues, on my custom AT91RM9200 board

First, when I changed the default U-Boot environment in
include/configs/at91rm9200dk.h.  The resulting U-Boot didn't even boot.
It only have the line

"Uncompressing image"

coming from boot.bin.  And this problem was reproducible.  And again,
the default U-Boot environment was the only thing I changed.  Is there a
limit on the size of each environment variable?  Did I overwrite some
part of the program because the environment was too long?

Second, I used fw_printenv to retrieve the U-Boot environment from
Linux.  (again, I modded it a little to use the large NAND)  CRC didn't
pass, but in U-Boot the CRC was ok.  I uncommented the CRC checking in
fw_printenv.  And found out that one of the environment was corrupted.
But the U-Boot didn't show the corruption.  Any idea for the two
incidents?  Thanx


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