[U-Boot-Users] Coldfile 5282 - Hello_world again

Jens Scharsig esw at bus-elektronik.de
Fri Jan 27 16:34:26 CET 2006


I am back again on u-boot.
I can't run the have the hello_world example. I get exceptions after 
start it. So I diassemble and discover the code.
I think the entry point is fault or the initcode is missed.

int hello_world (int argc, char *argv[])
    20000:	4e56 0000      	linkw %fp,#0
	int i;

	/* Print the ABI version */
    20004:	2f2e 000c      	movel %fp@(12),%sp at -
    20008:	206d 000c      	moveal %a5@(12),%a0
    2000c:	4e90           	jsr %a0@

a0 should load with be contains 00020134

00020134 <app_startup>:

extern unsigned long __bss_start, _end;

void app_startup(char **argv)
    20134:	4e56 0000      	linkw %fp,#0
	unsigned long * cp = &__bss_start;

but moveal %a5@(12),%a0 gets a different address. How or where to 
initialize the a5 register.

Any sugestions

Thx Jens

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