[U-Boot-Users] Submitting AT91SAM9261EK board

Lacressonniere Nicolas nicolas.lacressonniere at rfo.atmel.com
Mon Jan 30 09:40:06 CET 2006

Hi Wolfgang,

Sorry to bother you once again, but I wonder on which branch I have to
submit some patches...

Concerning NAND development, you told me to use testing-NAND git branch. No
problem with that.

But do I have to submit every AT91SAM9261 patches (board, lcd, usb...)
against that branch or only the NAND part? If I submit everything against
testing-NAND branch, will it be included in a future u-boot-1.1.5 release,
for example?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

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Dear Nicalas,

in message
<KAEELLICOFHDAEPIACDEEEAFCGAA.nicolas.lacressonniere at rfo.atmel.com> you
> We will use the same commands for flash and dataflash parts.
> I found an existing flag CFG_NO_FLASH that can be used to prevent from
> compiling some flash code so that we can use same commands without
> specific flash part. Does that way seem OK for you?

Do you really think  this  is  needed?  I  think  that  the  existing
dataflash  implementation  (for  the AT91RM9200) does not require any
NOR flash either, and it does not need to do this.

> I also have a question concerning new patches I have to submit. These
> CFG_NO_FLASH modifications have some impact on one of the patch ([Patch
> Add support for AT91SAM9261EK board) I submitted yesterday and which was
> rejected... Do I have to submit 2 new patches (previous one will be
> cancelled) or do I have to make a diff on impacted files and submit only
> new patch (previous one will be keeped)?

If things are interdependent on such a level it's  probably  best  to
fix  this  first and then submit everything again, telling me to drop
the previous set of patches.

But then, your patches should not be dependent on each other in  such
a way in the first place.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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