[U-Boot-Users] Moving uboot to parallel flash trouble

Roman Kolesnikov romank at randrlabs.com
Sun Jun 11 03:33:16 CEST 2006

I have a board similra to at91rm9200ek. I load uboot into ram and 
execute it. I copy uboot into flash and reboot.

However, when I reboot, I experience a crash at the end. It only 
happens, after I press enter. I think that my environment variables get 
overwritten, but they should not have. I think it is my environment 
variables that cause my error. Please advice.

Here is my sequence:

Load uboot-1.1.2 into ram and execute it.
Load uboot-1.1.4 into flash
I get prompt and hit enter, then uboot 1.1.4 crashes.

Please advice,

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